Training includes

  • Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts; BA (Hons) Performance (London)
  • Bernard Hiller Acting Studio; Ongoing. (London & LA)
  • Actors Temple; Meisner Technique (London)

British Stunt Register Probationary Member as of July 2018

(BSR) Training Completed:

  • Rock Climbing – Single Pitch Award – Pass
  • Scuba Diving – PADI Dive Master, with Specialities in Deep Diving, Dry suit, Full face mask, Rescue and Wreck diving
  • BSR Trampoline Test - Pass
  • BSR Gymnastics Test - Pass
  • BSR Stunt Horsemanship Test - Pass
  • WTF Taekwondo - Black Belt - 3rd Dan


Stunt professional in Italy with Stunt Concept Academy, where training is on going under the watchful eye of Stunt Master Claudio Pacifico.   

Training so far includes:

  • Boxing
  • Kick boxing
  • Fencing
  • Staff Fighting
  • Kali Sticks
  • Shinai
  • Gymnastics
  • High Falling
  • Parkour
  • Trampoline
  • Military Skills
  • Exiting vehicles at Speed
  • Horse Vaulting
  • Horse Riding
  • Kung Fu
  • Yoga
  • Canyoning

Other Horsemanship Training: 

  • BHS (British Horse Society) Stage 1 Riding – Distinction
  • BHS (British Horse Society) Stage 1 Horse Care – Distinction
  • Knights of Middle England Summer Gymkhana 2017 - 1st Place
  • Knights of Middle England - Mounted Combat Course 2018.

Extensive Stage & Screen Combat training

  • BASSC Broadsword and Sheild - Distinction
  • BASSC Knife - Distinction
  • BASSC Small Sword - Distinction
  • BASSC Quarter Staff - Distinction
  • BASSC Unarmed - Distinction
  • BASSC Rapier & Dagger - Distinction
  • BASSC Advanced Rapier & Dagger - Distinction
  • BADC Unarmed - Gold
  • BADC Single Sword - Gold
  • BADC Double Sword - Gold
  • BADC Bokken/Broad Sword - Gold
  • SAFD Knife - Distinction with Recommendation
  • SAFD Broadsword and Shield - Distinction with Recommendation

Martial Arts

  • WTF Taekwondo - Black Belt - 2nd Dan
  • Lived and trained in 2010 with the Shaolin Kung Fu Masters in China, at Kunyu Mountain Academy in Shangdong Province. Trained in Shaolin, Sanda, Baji Quan, Sanshou, Bagua, TaiChi Quan, Xing Yi and ChiGong.
  • Continues to train and instruct Shaolin, BaJi Quan, TaiChi Quan and Sanshou at Tang Long Academy with Shifu Heng Wei
  • Trained in Muai Thai with Muai Thai Masters London

Current Training Includes

  • Working towards a Black Belt in Judo
  • Training for 4th Dan in Taekwondo
  • Training for BHS Stage 2 and Mounted Games at Gillians Riding School
  • Fencing with the London Fencing Club
  • Shaolin Kung Fu with Tang Long Shaolin


  • Range – bottom A to top C, with a strong falsetto.


  • Grade 8 – Distinction
  • Cloudio Barr in London
  • Jean Aird in Devon
  • Ian Baar in London (for over 10 years)
  • Currently studying Bel Canto technique with Carl Penlington-Williams in London (began 2010).

Dance (Training whilst at Mountview)

  • Advanced Jazz
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Basic Tap training “on the job”
  • Modern Dance / Physical Theatre with Liam Steel (during Imagine This)


  • Strong ear for most accents
  • Experienced at RP, Essex, London, Australian, general American, Scottish and Cornish

Musical Instruments

  • Saxaphone (Grade 3 Jazz)
  • Piano (Basic)



Nick Conner

“…I was mesmorised. Stuarts performance was entrancing. With a beautiful, powerful voice and an air that commanded attention everything he did was believable.”