Stuart Boother, who portrays The General, first appears to the audience in an outfit which looks like something out of a video game.

I felt that he took off his mask and revealed his face too early in the show, as his handsome looks do not make him appear like a villain and I could almost predict how the show would end. During the first half of Act 1, his renditions were slightly drowned out by the punk rock strains of the electric guitar and I thought the songs didn’t really do justice to his strong vocals. It wasn’t until Act 2, especially when he did several duets with Nova, that I was wowed by his voice! I strongly believe that his character could have been developed a little further, to showcase more of his dark side so that we can see a greater contrast at the finale.

An interesting tidbit is that Stuart had some experience living and training alongside Shaolin Kung Fu Monks in the Kunyu Mountains of China and this came in handy in the battle-fighting scenes executed by The General.


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“This is a breathtaking, live-singing performance…”