Julia Pattison

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Grand Opera House, York

From the very beginning Puck captivated his young “Good Fellows” in the audience, creating such an atmosphere of magic and mayhem that he held them in the palm of his mischievous hand.

I sat behind a class of year six pupils from Pocklington Junior School who obviously enjoyed every minute of this dream of a production by the talented Shakespeare 4 Kidz Theatre Company.

The cast, as always, gave strong performances, their energy and enthusiasm particularly in the musical numbers was infectious. The musical number Demetrius and Me by Helena and Hermia went down particularly well, especially as Demetrius went through a hilarious “vain He-Man” routine as they sung.

Great lighting and effective scene changes all helped to create the magic in this production. A little light juggling from perky Puck, the “Hey Presto”, a sparkling forest miraculously appeared - enchanting!

The workmen were a big hit, with Bottom shamelessly whipping the audience into a frenzy as he prepared to die in the hilarious Pyramus ad Thisbe play performed after the weddings.

I Loved the scenes between Oberon (Stuart Boother) and Puck, particularly when King and servant became one; live theatre at its best.

... Shakespeare 4 Kidz lived up to its name once more.


Julia Pattison

“Live theatre at its best.”